Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

01. Band On The Run (Wings cover)
02. I Feel Free (Cream cover)
03. Life Of Illusion (Joe Walsh cover)
04. Young Man Blues (Mose Allison cover) (Live at Austin City Limits)
05. Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy cover)
06. Darling Nikki (Prince and The Revolution cover)
07. Down In The Park (Gary Numan and Tubeway Army cover)
08. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty cover)
09. Danny Says (Ramones cover Feat. Greg Bissonette on Drums)
10. Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd cover)
11. Never Talking To You Again (Hsker D cover) (Live)
12. Gas Chamber (Angry Samoans cover)
13. This Will Be Our Year (The Zombies cover)