A Tribute To Bathory - In Memory Of Quorthon 8

1.Ad Noctum - Die In Fire
2.Children of Technology - You Don't Move Me, I don't Give a Fuck
3.Damnation - Armageddon
4.Dethroned Christ - In Conspiracy With Satan
5.Fearbringer - A fine day to die
6.Fearbringer - Call from the grave
7.Fearbringer - The lake
8.Holy Death - Call From The Grave
10.Morrigan - The Arrival of Dana ( A fine die to die alterada - Dedicada ao Quorthon )
11.Nifelheim - Reaper
12.Panzerfaust - The Return Of the Darkness And Evil
13.Psi-Kotica - Foreverdark Woods
14.Runefaust - Call From The Grave