A Tribute To Bathory - In Memory Of Quorthon 10

1.Sabbat - Sacrifice
2.Rudo - In Conspiracy With Satan
3.After the Bombs - War
4.Black Pentagram Cult - Raise the Dead
5.Lux Ferre - The return of darkness and evil
6.Mephiztophel - Armageddon
7.Proclamation - Equimanthorn
8.Dysentery - For All Those Who Died
9.Cruel Force - Necromansy
10.Poenarian Mist - Woman Of Dark Desires... at War With Satan
11.Evil Army - The Reaper
12.Bloodthirst - Woman of Dark Desires
13.Archandrja - Hades
14.War Hammer Command - Call from the Grave
15.Gernoth - The Return Of Darkness And Evil
16.Darkness - Raise the Dead
17.Minenwerfer - Massacre
18.Huginn - Home of Once Brave
19.Arkenstone - War Machine
20.Discrucior - 13 Candles