A Thrash Tribute To Motorhead

1.Over The Top (Torment)
2.Stay Clean (Deceased)
3.I'm The Doctor (Holy Moses)
4.Iron Fist (Dublin Death Patrol)
5.We Are The Road Crew (Destruction)
6.Too Late Too Late (Metallica)
7.Bomber (Onslaught)
8.Stone Dead Forever (Torment)
9.Orgasmatron (Transmetal)
10.The Hammer (At War)
11.Killed By Death (Beerhead)
12.Motorhead (Poison Idea)
13.Ace Of Spades (Abattoir)
14.Iron Fist (Sodom)
15.Damage Case (Metallica With Lemmy)
16.Orgasmatron (Sepultura)
17.Overkill (Overkill)