Lady GaGa - Covers

1.Helia - Alejandro
2.The Demonstration - Bad Romance
3.Ever Forthright - Love Game
4.Me And The Captain - Poker Face
5.The Suit - Just Dance
6.Loren Battle - Paparazzi
7.The Judas Syndrome - Judas
8.Northern Lights - Bad Romance
9.Blowsight - Poker Face
10.Eternal September - Just Dance
11.Invisius - Alejandro
12.Cellpan - Bad Romance
13.Me And The Captain - Poker Face
14.Disco Curtis - Just Dance
15.Skyline Ablaze - Paparazzi
16.Wildpath - Poker Face
17.Askyla - Just Dance
18.Leander - Bad Romance
19.We Set To Fire - Paparazzi
20.My Sky Your City - Poker Face
21.Surrender The Dance Floor - Just Dance
22.A Smile From The Trenches - Bad Romance
23.Lower Ninth - Poker Face
24.East Of Eden - Bad Romance
25.Jamies Elsewhere - Just Dance
26.Sorrows - Poker Face
27.Unsung Zero - Bad Romance
28.Lynzie Kent and Rich G - Paparazzi (Acoustic)
29.Chris Daughtry - Poker Face (Acoustic)
30.Felix Theis - Bad Romance (Acoustic)
31.Making April - Paparazzi (Acoustic)